Orlando part 2

I spent Sunday sobbing uncontrollably. I don’t live in Florida, but my community is my community, and it came under attack. Our losses were high. The murderer is dead. The community continues forward – to mourn, to repair, to incorporate, to embrace. Some people will be moved toward supporting gun control. Some people will speak […]


Unknown American, Susanna in a pink, green and yellow dress, sitting with friends, 1960s. Collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario Purchase, with funds generously donated by Martha LA McCain, 2015 © Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario’s recent photography exhibit, “Outsiders: American Photography and Film, 1950s–1980s”, was a new, AGO-curated exhibition of more than 300 photographs and five films by such American masters of photography and cinema as Diane Arbus, Garry Winogrand, Nan Goldin, Gordon Parks and Robert Frank. Editor Sophie Hackett has turned the exhibit into […]

Hello World

killers rogues vampires and fish

After spending months… or was it years?… trying to make LesbianFunWorld a “thing”, I realized a few things. First off, I am not that “fun” a person. I am surprisingly serious, actually. Well, it surprises me, anyway. I laugh, I love, I dance. But by today’s standards, I am a bore. I struggle with that. […]