Fractals – Toronto Fringe Festival

Every year, the Fringe Festival comes to Toronto, offering up innovative and alternative theatre performances by local performers. The choose the performances by lottery.

Kelly and I headed to Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace, Canada’s oldest alternative theatre devoted to the development and production of new Canadian work, to catch a performance of limited run of Fractals.


Fractals is Krista White’s exploration of self-realization, fragility and strength. She uses storytelling and song to ask, What moments define us? And who do we really think we are?

Stories about writers block, growing up queer, loneliness and our underestimated connection with nature and with one another is examined in each piece through a variety of characters.

Waiting in the Backspace for Fractals to begin
Waiting in the Backspace for Fractals to begin

Krista grew up in and around Saint John, New Brunswick surrounded by beautiful elements of nature, the ocean, the river, the highest tides in the world, beaches, forests…these elements almost always enshrouded in fog (used a theme throughout her performance). Her life experiences and who she truly is deep at her core, compliments her natural ability to story tell. Krista vividly embodies multiple characters, building intimate and authentic experiences for her audience, as she reveals how they are entwined.

Krista writes from her heart. Her shamelessly honest feelings and breath-taking poetry melt onto the page.  ~ director Christopher Sawchyn

Laughing it up before the show at Linda Griffiths Lane
Laughing it up before the show at Linda Griffiths Lane

And while we were there, we took a selfie at Linda Griffiths Lane, named after the Canadian actress who, among countless other films, was in the 1983 lesbian film, Lianna.

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