Fox & Fiddle & Books

As a book lover, I am always surprised when they make their way into my life in unexpected ways. I was at Fox & Fiddle on John St. recently, having lunch with a friend, when the bill arrived like this:

Doris Piserchia's Doomtime holding the bill
Doris Piserchia’s Doomtime holding the bill

Strapped to a book, I started to ooh and ahh, and my friend just gave me a weird look. Thanks, Zorida! Anyway, I asked the waitress if all bills arrived like this, and she told me they use these old pulp novels instead of the standard black pleather bill holder that most restaurants use.

Cover of Doris Piserchia's Doomtime
Cover of Doris Piserchia’s Doomtime

The waitress said it sometimes confuses people.

They don’t pay attention when they get the bill, and it’s only when they get up to leave they notice the book. Then the whole table gets confused because they don’t know how the book got there!

Inside Doris Piserchia's Doomtime
Inside Doris Piserchia’s Doomtime

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