Cookin’ With Honey – Unboxing Video

I’ve been looking for this book for a while. Kelly spotted the name somewhere on the Internet, saved the bookmark, and told me about it. The public library system has 1 copy, available only for research and not to actually borrow.

Nope. Had to own it. Kelly found it cheap on eBay. Shipping was more expensive than the book! But isn’t that often the way with books, especially when shipping internationally.

When it arrived, I was delighted and had to create an “unboxing” video. Or more like an “un-envelope” video. Actually, it was really more like a “good luck trying to rip the freaking envelope open” video. Nonetheless, we persevered and ended up with a nice copy of Cookin’ With Honey, What Literary Lesbians Eat, edited by Amy Scholder. Printed in 1996, this is a treasure. Just look at the first recipe we found… Mimosas!

There are stories and recipes-ish by the likes of Jill Johnston, Alison Bechdel, Barbara Grier, Jewelle Gomez and Jenni Olson. Dozens in all, and a great piece of lesbian lit to own.

In the very first chapter, Scholder mentions The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book as an inspiration, and point of gossip.

One could even make the claim, as my friend, the filmmaker, Sue Marcoux, did one Thanksgiving years ago, over turkey and a stuffing made from an Alice B. Toklas recipe, which called for more butter and fat than one should consume in a year, that deeply embedded in the cookbook is evidence that Alice B. Toklas, over a period of time spanning two world wars, was attempting to poison Gertrude Stein by way of cholesterol. ~ Amy Scholder.

I think Alice’s cook book is now on my list of odd books to go looking for. Not a must have, but a “ooh cool” nonetheless. Cookin’ With Honey is a beautiful little book, whether you like cookbooks or literary lesbians.

P.S. Next time, I cover up my freaking address, which is publicly available like everyone else’s, with a sticker. It took me an hour to do that stupid blur. Because, you know, YouTube. Lesson learned.

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