Losing Everything by David Lozell Martin – Review

You know that old saying, you meet the people you need to meet, and if you are really lucky, you know it? Well, let me change that a bit: you read the books you need to read and if you’re really lucky, you know it.

Recently I picked up Losing Everything by David Lozell Martin, and finished it in just a few days. It was the book I needed to read right now.

I had, and still have, no idea who he is. An author, apparently, but as I don’t read fiction, I don’t know his works. I don’t even recognize the titles – I think some became movies? I don’t do movies too often, either. But this book, tucked onto a shelf in a used bookstore, caught my eye and, after finishing it, has left me uplifted.

That’s probably a terrible thing to say about a memoir filled with death, abuse, drinking, infidelity, loss, sorrow, suicide and insanity. But from his miserable childhood to his miserable adulthood, Martin weaves an unsentimental tale of finding oneself, and one’s successes, in life and lessons.

I am allllll about the lessons: that’s why it’s one of those books you find comes your way, just when you need to read it.

But the thing is, if I tell you what’s in it, what I really noted about the tales, you will judge the book before it comes to you as a book you need to read.

So let me be mysterious about it, then: if you see the book somewhere, if your eye is drawn to the green checked cover with the gold picture frame, or if something some time in the back of your mind sees the title and thinks, “now why does that sound familiar?” then it has come to you when you need it.


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