Sounds Like Me – My Life (So Far) in Song – Sara Bareilles

Yes, another audio book by another singer-songwriter. Yes, another winner. I knew a grand total of 2, yes 2, Bareilles songs before listening to this memoir. Her evocative and casual style of story telling is unforgettable. Also, I thought she was maybe 25 or something, so I was damned surprised to find out she’s done so freaking much with her life (she was born in 1979, FYI).

Her confessional style, complete with whispered asides, is perfect for cold winter days, and dark cold nights. And probably also for light summer days and hot and sticky nights, I don’t know, I listened to the book in mid-March in Canada. Cold and dark is all there is.

The book is structured as 8 essays, each tied to one of Bareilles’ songs, making the book more thematic than chronological. She is creative, indecisive, cool, self-effacing, honest and brave (yes, yes I went there).

Cover of the book Sounds Like Me

Ranging from how she and her sister wrote “I Love A Parade” (they were kids and it only had one line), to Gravity, the LGBT anthem, her stories are honest and sad (so much fat-shaming!). Her natural rhythm  is wonderfully suited to audio books, and each story weaves organically from the last. Learning how to write her deepest thoughts after her parent’s divorce, Bareilles takes us through teenage love-gone-wrong, Italy and unicorns:

Brave came into my life because of Jack Antonoff, and I met Jack because of Tegan and Sara, and I met Tegan and Sara because of Lilith Fair, which is how I met the Indigo Girls, which is like seeing unicorns up close.


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