wetwoHi there and welcome! I’m Sue, and this little website is one of my internet homes. I blog, I read, I write bad fiction, I cook, I drink and I love to take pictures of my community, Toronto’s Gay Village. This is my lovely wife Kelly, and she has nothing to do with this website except she researched the vast majority of books. Plus we have been together for 30 years, so she’s kind of hanging out, reading waaaay more than I do, and generally just being a cutie.


I’ve spent the last decade or two blogging before that was even a word. Heck, I even found something recently on the ol’ internet that was from 1997, when Usenet was the rage and I was keeping lists of things. It would seem that I have always loved cataloguing stuff. Same with Kelly. Weird, eh? firstphoto

I am not a full-time blogger, nor full-time reader. I am actually a forensic auditor by day. This website does not advertise, it doesn’t make money, no one gives me free books to review, or free wine to drink.

But, I like learning things, things about me, things about my life, about my community and sometimes even the world. And I share that here.


This is the latest of many incarnations of various website homes I’ve had over the years. I think my Geocities “West Hollywood” page came first, cataloguing both Melissa Etheridge and Janis Joplin TV appearances. I once wrote a book that catalogued every single Janis Joplin record and CD, including all the reprints and various versions in different countries.

Next, I think, came Killers Rogues Vampires and Fish, a catalogue website of lesbians films. At the time, it pretty much summed up the entire lesbian celluloid experience – we were killers, vampires or fish (a prison term for “the new girl”). The occasional lesbian character who wasn’t one of these, was the rogue. That progressed into Outtakes, which was all about lesbian films.

And now, LesbianFunWorld. The focus so far has been mostly on books, but I still have my music and films to work on. For 16 years I operated LesbianFunWorld radio, playing music by lesbian and bisexual female singers. The service provider shut down in 2016, and that was the end of that. But LFW continues on, with a massive catalogue of almost 13,000 lesbian books, and, you know, stuff.



On a more personal level, I am just living my life, trying to do what brings me happiness (and occasionally joy). This is part of that journey.

Thanks for visiting!