The Price of Salt by Claire Morgan

cover of the book The Price of SaltThe Price of Salt by Claire Morgan
Genre: Romance
Copyright Year: 1952
Published: 1984
Publisher: Naiad Press
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 276
No. In Series:
ISBN: 9780930044497
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An all-time classic — a compelling, beautiful love story. At the age of 19, aspiring stage designer Therese Belivet wonders how fate brought her to this soul-sucking job, working at Frankenberg’s department store as one of an army of exhausted employees who are fed a daily ration of alienation with their plateful of grey meat, gravy, and slimy canned peaches. And then Therese meets Carol Aird. Carol is a suburban housewife whose marriage is as suffocating as Therese’s job, but together Therese and Carol discover a new sense of meaning and purpose for their lives, although their love is socially denied. This novel became an underground classic of lesbian fiction when it was published in 1952, but it was long underestimated within Patricia Highsmith’s bibliography of suspense novels such as THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY and STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. More recently, however, scholars have compared this work with Nabakov’s LOLITA. This is a moving love story and as evidence of Highsmith’s masterful ability to tell a story using a vividly conveyed sense of psychological claustrophobia and isolation, THE PRICE OF SALT (originally published as CAROL) is a must-read within Highsmith’s body of work.
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