The Horde by Linda Kay Silva

cover of the book The HordeThe Horde by Linda Kay Silva
Genre: Romance; Speculative Fiction; Zombies
Copyright Year: 2013
Published: 2013
Publisher: Sapphire Books Publishing
Format: Trade Paperback
Type: Electronic Format Available
No. of Pages: 330
Series: Man Eaters
No. In Series: 2
ISBN: 978-1939062222
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They just keep coming. Dragging their lifeless limbs and gnashing their broken teeth, the horde of man eaters presses forward. For every man eater Dallas and Roper put down, twelve more are created. After spending nearly a year in the bayou, the survivors once again, set out in search of a safe haven where they might do more than survive, but thrive. Thrive among the hordes bearing down on them. Thrive amid government attacks on the new compound they call home. As Dallas and Roper build a new life, the ever present military launches surprise attacks, the bloody horde keeps on clawing at the walls, and the rest of mankind devolves into something barbaric and unrecognizable. Can Dallas and Roper lead their people through the maze of thinking and brain dead killers? Can they find a place to once and for all go on the offensive? Or it is, as some survivors believe, too late?
Other Notes:
Author is Lesbian

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