Dare Truth or Promise by Paula Boock

cover of the book Dare Truth or PromiseDare Truth or Promise by Paula Boock
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Copyright Year: 1997
Published: 1999
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Format: Hardcover
Type: Electronic Format Available
No. of Pages: 176
No. In Series:
ISBN: 395971179
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‘When Willa turned and kissed her, Louie thought in her head, this is my first kiss. It wasn’t, of course, she’d kissed a number of boys, and done more too, but she’d never, ever felt as if she were falling off a cliff. ‘ Dare Truth or Promise , a turbulent love story by New Zealander Paula Boock, recalls Nancy Garden’s Annie on My Mind and Good Moon Rising in its portrayal of two young women caught up in sexual passion for each other. Louie is the talented daughter of wealthy and cultured parents, and Willa is a strong-minded redhead who lives over the pub. They come from different worlds, but when they meet working at Burger Giant, lightning strikes–soon they are frantically in love. Willa has had a previous affair that was undermined by denial, but this time it feels inevitable and right, even when Louie’s mother banishes Willa after discovering them in an embrace; even when Willa is threatened by hostile anonymous notes; even when they avoid each other in confusion and pain. Thanks to the acceptance of her tough bartender mother, Willa gains the strength to wait it out, but a psychologist tells Louie that her feelings are a passing phase, a fundamentalist promises her sins will land her in hell, and her best friend is supportive but embarrassed. The healing words that finally enable Louie to believe in herself and return to the relationship come at last from a young priest: ‘You see, I think love comes from God. And so, to turn away from love, real love, it could be argued, is to turn away from God. ‘ (Ages 16 and older) –Patty Campbell
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