Rescue At Inspiration Point by Kate McLachlan

cover of the book Rescue At Inspiration PointRescue At Inspiration Point by Kate McLachlan
Genre: Action/Adventure; Speculative Fiction
Copyright Year: 2011
Publisher: Quest by RCE
Format: Trade Paperback
Type: Electronic Format Available
No. of Pages: 204
Series: Rip Van Dyke Time-Travel Series
No. In Series: 2
ISBN: 9781619290051
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Rescue at Inspiration Point is the second book in the Rip Van Dyke time-travel series. Van is taken hostage at a local prison, and Patsy is stuck in the role of hostage negotiator. Jill sends Bennie back to 1974 to learn more about the hostage taker and his crime. ‘Do nothing,’ Jill warns. ‘Just observe and report back.’ But the instant Bennie lands, she breaks Jills # 1 rule. As Bennie pursues her own agenda in 1974, the hostage crisis in 1988 escalates. Can Bennie rescue Van from fourteen years away? Or will her actions only make things worse?
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