Rip Van Dyke by Kate McLachlan

cover of the book Rip Van DykeRip Van Dyke by Kate McLachlan
Genre: Romance; Speculative Fiction
Copyright Year: 2010
Published: 2010
Publisher: Quest by RCE
Format: Trade Paperback
Type: Electronic Format Available
No. of Pages: 228
Series: Rip Van Dyke Time-Travel Series
No. In Series: 1
ISBN: 9781935053293
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When Van Hollinger is suddenly transported twenty years into the future, she is dumbfounded – and furious. Jill’s silly time-travel experiment wasn’t supposed to actually work. But it did, and now Van is stuck in the future. 2008, that is. A future in which Van’s friends and lover have all aged twenty years, but Van has not. Jill, an old woman now, promises to recreate her time-travel machine and send Van back, but Van is skeptical and decides instead to try to make a life for herself in 2008. It isn’t easy. Patsy, her lover, never recovered from Van’s sudden disappearance in 1988 and is now a deeply troubled old woman, in no condition to offer Van any help. Van has no home, no job, no money, not even a driver’s license. But help and hope arrive in the form of Bennie, the steamy young woman whose intriguing overtures were off limits in the past. Van wrestles with herself. Does she remain faithful to Patsy despite the sudden chasm between their ages, or does she let herself accept the life, love and laughter that Bennie offers? But when secret agents learn of Van’ s leap through time, Van faces an even tougher decision. This time, one of life or death.
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