Crush by Jane Futcher

cover of the book CrushCrush by Jane Futcher
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Copyright Year: 1981
Published: 2014
Publisher: Women Gone Wild Press
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 296
No. In Series:
ISBN: 9780985536824
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It wasn’t easy fitting in at an exclusive girls’ boarding school like Huntington Hill. But in her senior year, Jinx finally felt like she belonged. Lexie–beautiful, popular Lexie–wanted her for a friend. Just being near her new friend made Jinx feel dizzy and wonderful. Jinx knew she had a big crush on Lexie, and that she had to do something to make it go away. But Lexie had other plans–and Lexie always got her way. A classic lesbian novel about two private school girls who are deeply attracted to each other. CRUSH was one of the first novels of its time to explore the mind and feelings of a girl exploring her attraction to another girl. It became an overnight bestseller in the lesbian and women’s community in the 1980s. The new edition has a forward by well-known psychotherapist Dr. Marny Hall, author of The Lavender Couch and The Lesbian Love Companion. CRUSH was first published by Little, Brown, then Avon Books, then Alyson Publications. Now Futcher’s own Women Gone Wild Press is releasing this new edition.
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