The Sex Killers by Norman Lucas

cover of the book The Sex KillersThe Sex Killers by Norman Lucas
Genre: True Crime
Copyright Year:
Published: 1974
Publisher: Allen
Format: Hardcover
No. of Pages: 224
No. In Series:
ISBN: 9780491014816
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In this book crime reporter Norman Lucas, with help of forensic psychiatrist Dr Arthur Hyatt Williams, examines the cases of thirty sex killers including * Pauline and Juliet, the teenage lesbians whose bizarre fantasies ended in murder * Peter Kuerton, the Monster of Dusseldorf * Sylvestre Matuschka, the Hungarian multiple-killer who found sexual satisfaction amidst the carnage of train crashes * Gordon Cummins, the Ripper of the Blitz * Neville Heath, the Casanova Killer.
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