The Psychedelic Sex Rebellion by Robert H. Sheldon

cover of the book The Psychedelic Sex RebellionThe Psychedelic Sex Rebellion by Robert H. Sheldon
Genre: Fiction
Copyright Year:
Published: 1968
Publisher: Classic Publications
Format: Mass Market Paperback
No. of Pages: 192
No. In Series:
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CONTENTS – (1) The Love Menagerie; (2) The Teenybopper; (3) The Black and White Rebellion; (4) The Psychedelic Rebels; (5) The Erotic Rebellion; (6) The Rebellion Prostitutes; (7) The Lesbo Society; (8) The Household Rebellion; (9) The Incestuous Few; ****** ‘Meet. The New Deviates. Helen was hooked on sex and pot at thirteen. Audrey was initiated into sex by four vicious young punks. Joanna used her pet dog to satisfy her perverted desires. Matthew was a Negro stud who waited for white nymphs to seduce him. Wendy was a hippie whose psychedelic sex trips lasted for days. Katie was frigid until she discovered that pain and pleasure can be the some thing.’
Other Notes: Classic CP 510

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