Delicious Nightmare by Dallas Mayo

cover of the book Delicious NightmareDelicious Nightmare by Dallas Mayo
Genre: Pulp
Copyright Year:
Published: 1981
Publisher: Midwood
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Type: Electronic Format Available
No. of Pages: 189
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In the housemother’s nightmare there were too many wild young sorority girls. And wasn’t it simply delicious? — Excerpt: ‘Hi, kid. You’re right on time, huh?’ ‘Yes, ma’am. Reporting as ordered.’ Playing safe, Kay began an obeisant motion, something between a bow and a curtsy. ‘Never mind that shit?relax, will you? There are some real slave drivers around this place, but I’m not one of them. You don’t have to curtsy to me.’ ‘Whew! Thanks. These pants of mine are so tight they’d probably split at the seams if I bent any lower.’ ‘That I’d like to see.’ Then, smiling, ‘They’re tight, sure enough. Kind of cute on you, too. But don’t worry, I won’t ask you to do any fancy bending?it’s just not my kick, sweetie.’ The smile was genuinely radiant, an expression that melted the last vestige of chill in Kay’s heart. With newly oriented vision, she reassessed this senior sorority girl whose authority had been something to dread just a few minutes ago. Diane Fordyce was small and dainty, with light brown hair and eyes like dark velvet. Her skin had a pale loveliness, all the more exquisite in contrast with the lacy black lingerie she was trying on. But aside from all that, her casually avowed attitude was positively exhilarating, reason enough for Kay to do an about-face. Now that she didn’t have to go through the grimly anticipated ‘lowly pledge’ routine, a little menial labor seemed almost welcome. ‘Thanks again, Diane. You’re nice. Just let me know what I can do for you, hmm? Except for the wrappings and stuff, the room looks pretty neat. Do you want me to go over it anyway? Or maybe there’s some special job … ‘ ‘No, nothing at all. Hey, that’s right, I did tell you to wear jeans. My room was a mess earlier, but it got cleaned up by a couple of kids who were caught goofing off on another assignment. Punishment, you know? Keeps ’em in line.’ ‘Oh. So you don’t need me for anything?’ ‘Not a thing, you lucky girl.’ Kay suppressed a frown, truly sorry to be leaving this flowerlike creature, so deliciously feminine. Besides?and far more important!?she was already visualizing a possible solution to her problem right here in this room, the problem of getting through the year. There were no ‘big sisters’ in the Omega Pi system of pledging, at least not officially, so any active could call upon any pledge just about anytime. But favorites were often decided on after a while?and if the decision was mutually acceptable to both the active and her favorite pledge, that made a difference. It was then announced to the other actives?again unofficially?and by custom the liaison was pretty much respected by all. Which meant that a kid so chosen would have only one real boss, one mistress to serve, and could be fairly certain of her duties from day to day. And what if the active was someone who didn’t view the system as a kind of year-long substitute for slavery? Wouldn’t it be great to become the favorite pledge, the so-called ‘personal attendant’ of such a girl? Until now, that possibility had been too remote to even contemplate! ‘Diane? Ma’am?’ ‘You can leave, honey. It’s okay. Back to the ghetto.’ ‘Well, as long as I’m here, uh, are you sure there’s nothing I can do for you? How about all these new things you’ll have to put on and then take off again? Couldn’t you use a little-maid service? Not that I’m an expert … ‘ ‘You really want to? What the hell, why not?’ Then with a gesture toward the door, ‘Better lock up first, so we won’t be interrupted in the middle of something that might look fishy. Just click the latch, that’s it. And never mind the expert maid service, just give me a hand with this bra. I think it can be taken in a notch, don’t you?’ Kay assisted enthusiastically, hopeful of making the most of this precious opportunity. Soon, however, her calculated maneuver veered from its original purpose, turning subterfuge to sincerity as she fussed over the daintily curved body with ever-increasing excitement. Once again she became acutely conscious of her tight jeans, feeling more boyish than ever now, even just a little bit possessive watching the lovely creature pose and pirouette in the frilly undergarments, practically putting on a show for her right there in the room. The locked room. Mmm, how, she wanted to reach out and grab and squeeze that softness … ‘Hey, what’s with you? Kid? The way you’re staring at me?eyes like glassy marbles?how come, huh?’ ‘You?you’re so pretty. No. Beautiful.’ ‘I’ll be damned. Hmm. That’s a compliment if ever I heard one. Take it easy, will you? Oh shit, you’ll have me blushing in a minute.’ ‘Oh! Forgive me. I’m just a pledge, I shouldn’t have spoken out like that. I didn’t mean to sound so fresh.’ ‘You weren’t fresh. Silly. I kind of liked it. But you’d better not get any foolish ideas about me, baby. The gay bit doesn’t interest me much. Sure, maybe I play around once in a while, but it’s only a substitute?I’m a man’s woman through and through. Girls just don’t turn me on.’ Kay’s face fell. ‘I?I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have?’ ‘Hey, don’t look so sad. No harm done. Besides, dressed like that, you look more like a boy. Those pants! Turn around, let me see both sides.’ ‘You?you want me to pose for you?’ ‘Sure, kid. Pose.’ It felt almost natural. Kay postured provocatively, swaggering like a tough young hoodlum, now more anxious than ever to make a good impression. She wiggled her ass, drawing an audible gasp that was a compliment in itself. Then, facing front again, she slid both hands down to cup and fondle the taut bulge of her crotch, an unmistakable parody of a male jerk-off movement. Again, the gasp sounded, giving her added confidence; she felt horny now, not like a kid, not even a boy?a man, that was it, a man with cunt on his mind. Seduction. Or better yet, rape. A big brute of a man about to rape a young girl into submission. And such an alluring little girl … ‘Wow! No wonder it got me kind of steamed up when you said I was beautiful. A boy, just like a handsome boy. No wonder I thought you were going to kiss me, you know?’ That was all Kay needed. She pounced and pulled and then growled triumphantly as the moist lips yielded to her pressure. A moment later she was grinding her crotch-bulge against near-naked feminine flesh and jamming her indomitable tongue into a coyly protesting but nonetheless docile feminine mouth. Like a stand-up fuck! With plenty of feminine response, too?uninhibited now?she could feel the small body pulsating with passion. ‘Oooh!’ The kiss broke for air, ‘Lover, I’ve been fucked before but never like this.’ Then, a shrill screech, ‘Oh, do it to me, fuck me, fuck my cunt, fuck the shit out of me!’ It had the ring of a strident command, too much for Kay’s newly emerged personality to endure. Nobody had the right to order a rapist around! She scooped the fragile bit of fluff up in her arms and bore it to the bed. Then, hurriedly, she got rid of the impeding lingerie, kicking away the debris at the same time, sending paper and boxes and even a few garments helter-skelter to the floor. And for a while?horizontal now, more comfortable but somehow less convincing?she went ahead with her rape of the cunt that had begged so hard to be raped. Her bulging crotch still felt pretty good, but the big thrill was fading fast?the conquest had already been accomplished. Time now to seek her own pleasure, something other than playing imitation stud and rubbing bellies. Especially with that cunt bare-naked and practically pounded to a pulp, awash in its own sweet juices; time to suck before it turned sour. And at last, with pardonable pride in her accomplishment, she slithered down in bed and filled her mouth with the fruit that would sustain her?hopefully!?through the coming year. While up above her the voice continued shrilly, no longer a command, just a loud but obviously disoriented wail: ‘Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me …’
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