Her Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan O’Brien

cover of the book Her Best Friend's SisterHer Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan O’Brien
Genre: Erotica;
Copyright Year: 2017
Published: 2017
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Format: Trade Paperback
Type: Electronic & Audio Format Available
No. of Pages: 264
No. In Series:
ISBN: 978-1626398610
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At twelve years old, Claire Barker developed a massive crush on her best friend Sarah?s older sister, the handsome, butch Alex Williams. Now twenty-seven and a successful entrepreneur, Claire?s interest hasn?t waned?despite Alex?s fashion photography career keeping her overseas for months at a time. When Alex moves home unexpectedly, she and Claire end up enjoying a surprise, wine-fueled reunion that alters their relationship forever. Are Claire?s dreams about to come true, or will real life prove to be more complicated than her fantasies?
Other Notes:
Author is Lesbian

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