Updates for February 4, 2018

Ah, another year, another fresh update of books. Did you know there are almost 14,000 books listed in our big list of lesbian books? Did you know the summaries and listings are more than 2.2 million words? Did you know how much I hate to spellcheck these things? I do, I really, really do. Why? Speculative fiction, that’s why. Countless strange spellings of names that keep jamming the spellcheck feature.

Of course, there’s authors names, and place names, and publisher names, and made-up words. All of these conspire to make it difficult to do a spellcheck. Plus I just accidentally closed the spellcheck window, losing all of the “ignore all” words I had just ignored.

Time for a nap. Oh, and a promise. I won’t let this sit for another year and a half between updates (where does time go? Oh right, naps). I’ll strive for monthly updates. This was updated in February 2018 with 867 new books. Enjoy.

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