Hot-Rod Babe by Tom Haunt

cover of the book Hot-Rod BabeHot-Rod Babe by Tom Haunt
Genre: Pulp
Copyright Year: 1964
Published: 1964
Publisher: Gaslight
Format: Mass Market Paperback
No. of Pages:
No. In Series:
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FORBIDDEN THRILLS….. All Eric wanted was a car to tinker with, and a pretty bride to take care of his love life…But love and life got very complicated when he got tangled up with the Fender Busters, a gang of depraved delinquents addicted to hot-rods and hot women…Among the complications was Eric’s relationship with girls like…Mae, who as the result of a frame-up set out to prove that she was truly a woman by accepting all male comers…Jayne, the sultry poor little rich girl with a yen for fast cars, violent men and pretty females, in equal proportions…Ruthie, the not-so-simple farm girl who was Jayne’s avid partner in the twilight zone of sex…Lollie, who looked like a pert Junior miss but behaved like an insatiable nymph…and last but not least, lovely red-headed Ann Steel, who modelled panties and bras for a living, raced stock cars as a hobby…All these, and others, were the basic ingredients in a seething volcano of …..FORBIDDEN LOVE
Other Notes: Gaslight Book 124

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