Happy Endings by Kate Brandt

cover of the book Happy EndingsHappy Endings by Kate Brandt
Genre: Biography
Copyright Year:
Published: 1993
Publisher: Naiad Press
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 248
No. In Series:
ISBN: 9781562800505
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i. Lesbian Writers talk about their lives and works ii. Book and magazine publishers: Freedom of the press belongs to she who owns the press iii. Lesbian writers talk about their passions With a list 22 outstanding interviewees that includes – Lee Lynch, Valerie Taylor Ann Bannon Dorothy Allison Leslea Newman Joan Nestle, Katherine V. Forrest Sarah Schulman Carol Seajay Jewelle Gomez Minnie Bruce Pratt From the back of the book – Intimate portraits of the writers whose books have shaped our lives. Reach into the soul of National Book Award nominee Dorothy Allison. Look behind the art of Lambda Award winners Jewelle Gomez, Minnie Bruce Pratt, Joan Nestle, Katherine V. Forrest. Writers and publishers, chroniclers and heroes . . . discover their struggles and triumphs.
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