Lesbian Crossroads by Ruth Baetz

cover of the book Lesbian CrossroadsLesbian Crossroads by Ruth Baetz
Genre: Biography
Copyright Year:
Published: 1988
Publisher: Naiad Press
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 240
No. In Series:
ISBN: 9780941483216
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Synopsis: Ruth Baetze met her first lover in college and lived with her for five years in a very closeted relationship. When that love affair ended. Buth turned to her community for love and support. As she worked to learn about living openly as a lesbian, she begain to realize that these steps to community, life and wholeness must be taken by every Lesbian no matter what circumstances compel her ‘coming out. ‘ Ruth interviewed over eighty women and finally chose fifteen from widely varying backgrounds to make up the women of LESBIAN CROSSROADS. These women share their personal lives in intimate detail in the pages of LESBIAN CROSSROADS, becoming in fact, a part of the community of every lebian’s life. An exciting, richly, rewarding reading experience! A roadmap leading to your own people.
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