Aimee & Jaguar by Erica Fischer

cover of the book Aimee & JaguarAimee & Jaguar by Erica Fischer
Genre: Biography; Movie Tie-In
Copyright Year: 1994
Published: 1998
Publisher: Alyson Publications
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 276
No. In Series:
ISBN: 9781555834500
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Excerpts A letter from Lilly to Felice, March 31st, 1943 Felice, I love you! What a feeling it is to be able to say that! Oh, Felice, the nicest fate I could hope for is that of lasting happiness. I want to live with you for a long, a very long time, do you hear? And life is so beautiful, so wonderful. Felice, do you belong to me – without limit? To me only? Please say you do, at least for a very long time to come, please! Do you love me? I’m acting like a seventeen-year-old, aren’t I? Be good to me, Felice, please? And yet please don’t hold back. I wanted to lure you out of your hiding place. I am like a child playing with fire; will I get burned? A little? Totally? Felice, stop me! Isn’t it just a little bit your fault that I’m so crazy, so totally crazy? A poem from Felice to Lilly, Christmas 1943 That there was a time before you – I can’t believe! To me, we’ve forever been this way, Together, side by side in life and in dreams, Surrounded both by darkness and the light of day. You belong to me! Since you arrived, And slowly at first, then full of trust, Placed your heart in my hands, I have strived For the strength to build a life for us. So I have hope for days yet to come, As this year nods and slips into air, Because before me, like some emblem, I carry the copper gleam of your hair. Extract: ‘The Vow’ January 30th, 1943, the tenth anniversary of Hitler’s seizure of power, Hermann Goring’s speech to Berliners was delayed for two hours because British scout planes were flying over the city in broad daylight for the first time. Four days after Goring declared his certainty of victory, the remaining German troops trapped in Stalingrad capitulated. Accompanied by funereal music, the defeat was announced on the radio. On February 18th Reichspropaganda minister Goebbels spurred the German people to make a greater effort. In a ‘Declaration of fanatical Will’ at the Berlin Sportpalast he announced the ‘Salvation of Germany and the whole of civilisation’ through ‘total war’. In memory of the victims of the Russian campaign, a three minute traffic stoppage was declared.
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