Out In All Directions by Lynn Witt; Sherry Thomas; Eric Marcus

cover of the book Out In All DirectionsOut In All Directions by Lynn Witt; Sherry Thomas; Eric Marcus
Genre: Biography; Social Sciences
Copyright Year:
Published: 1995
Publisher: Diane Pub Co
Editor: Lynn Witt; Sherry Thomas; Eric Marcus
Format: Hardcover
No. of Pages: 635
No. In Series:
ISBN: 9780756775520
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This volume takes the mystery out of gay and lesbian history, lifts the lid off pink politics, and paints the town lavender with hundreds of lively articles and intriguing facts covering every aspect of gay life, culture, and community. From debunking myths to creating family, from fighting for rights to battling AIDS, from showbiz superstars to military heroes, dozens of notable contributors come out in all directions — providing both a useful guide to issues and resources and an entertaining and informative mirror of the American lesbian and gay experience. B&W photos.
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