Witness to the League of Blond Hip Hop Dancers by Donna Allegra

cover of the book Witness to the League of Blond Hip Hop DancersWitness to the League of Blond Hip Hop Dancers by Donna Allegra
Genre: Black Interest; Fiction; Short Story Collection (Single Author)
Copyright Year:
Published: 2000
Publisher: Alyson Books
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 248
No. In Series:
ISBN: 9781555835507
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A novella and 11 stories, widely published author and dancer Donna Allegra presents a lyrical and stirring portrait of black lesbians set against the backdrop of West African, jazz, and hip-hop dance. In each story readers inhabit the skin of women who live for dance, women who work and love in a world in which bodies are disrobed and constantly on parade but where lesbian erotics are rarely spoken. The title novella, ‘Witness to the League of Blond Hip-Hop Dancers, ‘ not only explores these dynamics but also tackles racism and the commodification of the black body as two African-American women vie for a spot in a mostly white dance company. ‘Me and Mrs. Jones’ chronicles a bittersweet affair between a jazz dancer and a self-described ‘omnisexual’ Southern woman. In the poignant and melodic ‘Dance of the Cranes, ‘ a lesbian returns to stand her ground in the New York African dance scene she was driven from by homophobia. Throughout, we meet women fraught with uncertainty, women at a crossroads. But for all these lesbians, women come first in importance–an uncommon stance in the new mythology that paints black women as self-sacrificing towers of strength waiting to exhale.
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