Rymellan 2 by Sarah Ettritch

cover of the book Rymellan 2Rymellan 2 by Sarah Ettritch
Genre: Canadian Eh; Speculative Fiction
Copyright Year: 2011
Published: 2011
Publisher: Norn Publishing
Format: Trade Paperback
Type: Electronic Format Available
No. of Pages: 368
Series: Rymellan
No. In Series: 2
ISBN: 9780981332055
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Torn apart at the end of Rymellan 1, Lesley and Mo haven’t seen each other for almost two years, but their love has endured. Are they Chosens, or will they be forced into relationships with other women? Tired of living lives on hold, they desperately want the Chosen Council to resolve the uncertainty that has hung over them since they first kissed. In Rymellan 2, the Chosen Council finally answers the question that has haunted Lesley and Mo for years, but the closure they desire eludes them when they’re thrust into a situation they never would have imagined. Rymellan 2 contains the following stories: Shattered Lives, Besieged, Closing Ranks, Shields Down, and Shattered Delusions.
Other Notes:
Author is Canadian; Author is Lesbian

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