Plastic Hollywood by H. M. Dunn

cover of the book Plastic HollywoodPlastic Hollywood by H. M. Dunn
Genre: Comedy
Copyright Year:
Published: 2010
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 202
No. In Series:
ISBN: 9781453888421
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A raunchy Hollywood romp! Plastic Hollywood set in the mid 1970’s is a comedy/satire that revolves around the theme of wanting to be a movie star, aging, and plastic surgery – as well as the tangled relationships of the characters. There is: Darin Drake – aging matinee idol with a fondness for young men Andie Leigh Mennemeyer – a star-struck butch who thinks her Elvis impersonations will gain her stardom Dr. Harrison Greenwood – who has some rather extreme ideas about plastic surgery. His nurse, Janice Cottenbell – who was part of a pay-off in a malpractice suit. Darlene Damingford – 4th or 5th (nobody can remember!) wife of a Hollywood mogul – who still has some bad habits left over from her days of working for sleazy, snoop-magazines. Nathan Naples – who can only work in horror films since his last face lift went bad! Inspector Red Herring – who is trying to figure it all out but can’t get a clue. And a slew of other crazy characters involved in murder, blackmail, plastic surgery and other wacky goings-on.
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