Devotion by Mindy Kaplan

cover of the book DevotionDevotion by Mindy Kaplan
Genre: Adapted to Film; Fiction
Copyright Year: 1995
Published: 1996
Publisher: Silver Moon Books
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 160
No. In Series:
ISBN: 1872642330
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Superstar comedienne Sheila Caston loves her devoted partner, artist Julie Rosen. And TV Producer Lynn Webster loves Bill, her husband and business partner too. But when they decide to use Sheila as the star of her next TV show, the truth about Sheila and Lynn’s past comes out. Sheila was once devoted to Lynn the way Julie is devoted to Sheila. And with Lynn’s revelation about coming out, and perhaps still being in love with Sheila, the couples experience great emotional twists and turns. Shelia rejects the idea of getting back with Lynn, but Lynn pursues her by bidding on a date with Sheila at a charity auction. Then it becomes clear that Sheila’s career is on the line. The romantic melodrama builds until, of course, it’s resolved at the end (although I won’t reveal how). ~ Sue Molyneaux for LesbianFunWorld.
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