Scarpetta’s Winter Table by Patricia Cornwell

cover of the book Scarpetta's Winter TableScarpetta’s Winter Table by Patricia Cornwell
Genre: Cookbook; Non-Fiction
Copyright Year: 1998
Published: 2002
Publisher: GP Putnam And Sons
Format: Hardcover
No. of Pages: 91
No. In Series:
ISBN: 941711420
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Not intended for serious cooks, but ideal for fastidious fans of Ms. Cornwell, Scarpetta’s Winter Table is perfect for the thrillerphile who has everything. This offbeat, 81-page novella takes you behind the scenes to Dr. Kay Scarpetta’s kitchen, where you’ll learn how to make her ‘Bad Mood Pasta Primavera, ‘ ‘Holiday Pizza, ‘ and ‘Childhood Key Lime Pie’–just to name a few. Along for the culinary festivities are the doctor’s trusty cohorts, Pete Marino, captain of the Richmond police department, and Scarpetta’s niece, Lucy. Both add their favorite concoctions, such as Marino’s ‘Cause-of-Death Eggnog’ and Lucy’s ‘Friendly Grill. ‘ Those who have read Cornwell’s Point of Origin will find a double delight in Winter Table , as it’s amply stuffed with references from the bestselling thriller. However, recipe readers be warned: there are no measurements, exact lists of ingredients, or detailed cooking instructions. It reads like a short story, with vague descriptions of what each dish contains–the intent being that each person will make a slightly different version. This may be frustrating for a by-the-book cook, but flexible, freestyle chefs may find it’s just what the doctor ordered.
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