Lessons by Kim Pritekel

cover of the book LessonsLessons by Kim Pritekel
Genre: Drama; Romance
Copyright Year:
Published: 2006
Publisher: P.D. Publishing, Inc.
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 304
No. In Series:
ISBN: 1933720085
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Chase Marin is an 18 year-old girl filled with more confusion than common sense. A daughter of affluent parents, Chase is expected to go to college at the University of Arizona and prove herself as equally successful as her big sister. How can she do that when she doesn’t even know herself? Dagny Robertson is everything that the Marin’s would want in a daughter – too bad Dagney’s own parents don’t even know their only child, borne from their intense love, exists. Now, Dagny works on her graduate degree while acting as a TA in Psych 101. Can this older woman, once the worshipped babysitter of a lost eight year-old girl, help Chase find herself?
Other Notes:
Author is Lesbian

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