Takes One to Know One by Kate Allen

cover of the book Takes One to Know OneTakes One to Know One by Kate Allen
Genre: Erotica; Mystery
Copyright Year: 1996
Published: 1996
Publisher: New Victoria Publishers
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 245
Series: Alison Kaine Mystery
No. In Series: 3
ISBN: 093467874X
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Helping to build an adobe house on lesbian land sounds like a fine change of pace to Denver cop Alison Kaine – she’s tired of combating chronic illness, fighting with her girlfriend and sleeping (poorly) in a house with a colicky baby. So it’s not hard for her best friend Michelle to persuade Alison to drive down to New Mexico. She knows that she has some differences of philosophy with the land dykes, but they can work it out for one weekend, right? Wrong! First, her dominatrix lover Stacy shows up unexpectedly, then she discovers the dead body of the lesbian ‘shaman’ in the sweat lodge. Emotions heat up quickly, and Alison suspects this ‘accident’ is really murder.
Other Notes: This is a series for those who find kinky villains predictable. Officer Alison Kane of the Denver police department is a BDSM afficianado. Her lover is a professional dominatrix. And the Denver Police Department is alright with that. Riiiight. These books are not very realistic, but they do offer a point of view rarely encountered in mainstream mysteries.

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