Mainely Lesbians by Alicia Langley

cover of the book Mainely LesbiansMainely Lesbians by Alicia Langley
Genre: Fiction
Copyright Year: 2003
Published: 2003
Publisher: Authorhouse
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 304
No. In Series:
ISBN: 1410739740
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Product Description ‘I invite you to pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit down and put your feet up while I introduce you to the women of Mainley Lesbians. ‘ A. Langley From a gay bar on a back street in Boston, a friendship is born. One that would make a group of women an integral part of each other’s life. Creating a bond that would last through a lifetime of experiences, their mutual interests lead them to Maine. Connie, always mistaken for a man, falls madly in love with Jean, a beautiful socialite self-destructing on drugs and alcohol. Jamie, the free spirit and every woman’s desire, disregards her own rules and becomes involved with Susan, a married woman. Dr. Adams, a psychologist and her lover, Julie, a social worker, juggle the hectic demands on their careers and relationship. Nancy attempts to bring Karen, her business partner and lover, ‘out of the closet. ‘ and into her life, permanently. Soft-spoken, intuitive Anna and her partner of 45 years, Lillian, plan their long-awaited retirement in Maine. Cathy, a waitress at Sally’s, a local gay bar, finds herself alone now that her grown son is on his own, meets Ronnie, a hospital administrator, ¿ and looks forward to making up for lost time. ¿And Carol- Something sinister is happening between Carol and her lover, Liz. Carol’s secret brings them all together in a way none of them could imagine; Ending with a prelude to their continued adventures in a second book. About the Author Ms Langley resides in a small coastal town in southern Maine. She is a 50 + year old feminist and has been ina committed relationship with the same woman since 1974. Relocating from Boston Mass in 1976, she and her partner purchased a 1700’s antique farm house on three acres of beautiful, pastoral land. While writing and art make up a large part of the many facets of Langley’s background, her first love has been animals and she has worked in the pet care field most of her life. In 1979, realizing a need for a safe haven for abandoned and lost animals in the area, Langley and her partner co-founded and operated a regional animal rescue shelter on their property. Drawing from her unique experiences while working in her chosen field, as well as her own relationship with her partner and friends, Langley incorporated her love and interest in women’s issues into a beautifully written, easy to read, fictional novel. Mainely Lesbians reveals Langley’s sensitive nature to the down trodden and her intuitive ability to find the silver lining in most situations. Langley still resides in southern Maine with her partner and is currently working on her second novel in a series of books chronicling the everyday lives of lesbian women. Ms. Langley may be contacted viae-mail; alimar@maine. rr. com
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