Matricide by Carla Tomaso

cover of the book MatricideMatricide by Carla Tomaso
Genre: Fiction
Copyright Year:
Published: 1994
Publisher: Plume
Format: Paperback
No. of Pages: 144
No. In Series:
ISBN: 452271118
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Every woman has considered murdering her mother at least once. The quirky, verse scribbling, passion seeking narrator of Carla Tomasos Matricide, however, has actually tried it. Now shes got five cats, no good rason to get out of bed and a bad attitude. In this clever, compulsive tale of modern lesbian life, Tomaso turns her sharp eye on the most charged relationship of all with compelling results. From Publishers Weekly The unnamed narrator of Matricide is not happy. A high school English teacher and author of one bad novel, she tends to her ex-lover’s cats and longs to fall in love. With friend and principal Doris and recent ex-student Tina, she drives to Taos for a women writers’ conference. There she meets 60-year-old Pulitzer Prize-winner Blaire Bennett, who appears naked in her room and announces, ‘I am not a nice person. ‘ The narrator has had plenty of experience with people who are not nice, beginning with her beautiful, competitive mother. These relationships grow, revealing secrets: Doris’s drinking, Tina’s ambivalent coming-out, the matricide of the title and even darker conflicts and betrayals. At once entertaining and wounding, Tomaso (The House of Real Love) deftly builds her characters and their concerns. What might have been insipid and bitter-the worst intersection of Jane DeLynn’s Don Juan in the Village and Diane Salvatore’s Love, Zena Beth-is instead funny, moving and horrifying. The narrator’s bravado and cynicism are tempered by bursts of romanticism, creating a tension that reveals her vulnerability and humanity. The characters’ embarrassing poetry aside, the writing is lucid and deceptively simple. Matricide is a coming-of-age-story, one whose parameters are not years of experience, but memory. Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc. Product Description A Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and an aspiring writer with a mystery in her past collide in this page-turning novel. Author Carla Tomaso arrived on the lesbian literary scene with her highly acclaimed novel The House of Real Love. Now Tomaso uses her characteristic dark humor and insight to reveal truths about abuse, unconditional love, and violence.
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