Manawa Toa: Heart Warrior by Cathie Dunsford

cover of the book Manawa Toa: Heart WarriorManawa Toa: Heart Warrior by Cathie Dunsford
Genre: Fiction
Copyright Year:
Published: 2000
Publisher: Spinifex Press
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 196
Series: Cowrie
No. In Series: 3
ISBN: 1875559698
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Cowrie boards a ship bound for Moruroa Atoll during the French nuclear tests. She is in for a rough ride. As international attention is focused on the Pacific and the environment, the stakes rise sharply. She is joined by Sahara, a young peace activist from England, and Marie-Louise, a French nuclear physicist. But can they be trusted? Can anyone be trusted? With the rich flavours and textures of the Pacific Islands, Cathie Dunsford brings us a third novel about Cowrie. With her sensuous writing and a deep knowledge of the traditions, the reader can feel the rock of the sea, taste the food, and fear the attacks on the peace flotilla. Dive into a luscious feast of language and imagery, laced with Maori proverbs. This is the novel as haka. Also by Cathie Dunsford: Cowrie (Spinifex: ISBN 1 875559280) and The Journey Home (Spinifex: ISBN 1 87555954X), the first two books detailing Cowrie’s life.
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