The Journey Home by Cathie Dunsford

cover of the book The Journey HomeThe Journey Home by Cathie Dunsford
Genre: Fiction
Copyright Year:
Published: 1997
Publisher: Spinifex Press
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 301
Series: Cowrie
No. In Series: 2
ISBN: 187555954X
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Cathie Dunsford’s much-loved Cowrie returns. The Journey Home follows her through her passions for life, love, food and challenge. Peopled by a diverse array of characters: Benny the outrageous film-maker, Peta who Cowrie falls in love with, and the student DK who has a few things to learn. Torn between her newly-made friendships in California and her roots in her homeland, Cowrie discovers that there is a price to pay for exile even when it’s voluntary. An irreverent, funny and fresh novel that explores lives that cross cultures.
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