Shame About the Street by Diane Langford

cover of the book Shame About the StreetShame About the Street by Diane Langford
Genre: Fiction
Copyright Year: 1993
Published: 1994
Publisher: Hushion House
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 160
No. In Series:
ISBN: 1852422696
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There in the paper was a photograph of the newsreader in a fashionable restaurant, leaning across the table towards a companion whose face was in the shadow. Their hands were touching. A white circle was superimposed around the head of the other woman whose face was invisible. ‘ A boiling summer day in the not-too-distant future in London, and business goes on despite the stifling heat: the tabloid newspapers churn out lurid headlines, cleaners in the newspaper offices go to work, and at Victoria station, Rosemary, a civil servant, is on her way to work. Rich, demure, and dull, Rosemary is the ideal Home Counties Woman and government cog in the wheels. But before the end of the day she will become ‘The Lesbian Civil Servant’ exposed by tabloids as the leak on the government’s proposed re-introduction of an Anti-Homosexual law. Shame About the Street is a bitter-sweet investigation into the mores of the press and society of today.
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