Blossom at the Mention of Your Name by Fiona Cooper

cover of the book Blossom at the Mention of Your NameBlossom at the Mention of Your Name by Fiona Cooper
Genre: Fiction
Copyright Year:
Published: 1995
Publisher: Hushion House
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 296
No. In Series:
ISBN: 1852423994
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When Gerth and his friends stray one night into a gay club the last thing he expects is to fall in love, yet his first sight of Callum is enough to send him shopping for an embroidered shirt. True Love brings them together but is Callum’s fairy magic enough to overcome the strains of Gerth’s flourishing career? Will Callum and friend Wol’s drag double- act prove too much for Gerth? As the spirits of friendship, destiny, and madness encircle their lives and those around them, Callum finds hope for the future in the unlikely form of Eleanor, an amnesiac, whose carrots are growing through hic ceiling! ‘In this remarkable new novel from the author of Rotary Spokes and Skyhook in the Midnight Sun, life on the edges is portrayed with wit, humour, and compassion. ‘
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