Solstice by Joyce Carol Oates

cover of the book SolsticeSolstice by Joyce Carol Oates
Genre: Fiction
Copyright Year:
Published: 1985
Publisher: Dutton Adult
Format: Hardcover
No. of Pages: 243
No. In Series:
ISBN: 9780525242932
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Back in print, one of the most engrossing of Joyce Carol Oates’s earlier novels explores a relationship between two women. Originally published in 1985, Solstice is the gripping story of Monica Jensen and Sheila Trask, two young women who are complete opposites yet irresistibly attracted to each other. Blonde, shy, recently divorced Monica is a school teacher; dark, nocturnal, sophisticated Sheila is a painter of stature, driven by the needs of her art. Over the months, their friendship deepens, first to love and then to a near-fatal obsession.
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