Wisewomen and Boggyboos by Jules Remedios Faye; Jessica Amanda Salmonson

cover of the book Wisewomen and BoggyboosWisewomen and Boggyboos by Jules Remedios Faye; Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Genre: Fiction
Copyright Year:
Published: 1992
Publisher: Banned Books
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages:
No. In Series:
ISBN: 934411433
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Every entry in this book is graphically (though without any drawings) lesbian in nature, and many entries read like poetry. — This is a collection of gay fantasy stories, vignettes, and poems, ranging from mystic to horrific to comedic, arranged in the format of a dictionary. Banned Books was up until the time of this book’s release a very active, successful specialty press for gay and lesbian works. But illness brought the small publishing firm to a screeching halt and this book ended up very poorly distributed, becoming all too scarce. Which of the two authors wrote which parts is not indicated in the Dictionary, but here’s the partial skinny: For the short entries of imaginary fairy types, somewhere in the vicinity of one-third were written by JAS, one-third by JRF, and a third co-authored while giggling uncontrollably each morning in a coffeehouse. The actual short stories scattered throughout the Dictionary entries are by JAS and include these collected stories: ‘Anna and the Miserable Man’ ‘The Evil Jinn’ ‘Haggardly Beth and the Black Hour’ (honorable mention in Year’s Best Science Fiction IX, 1992), ‘Three Wisewomen and a Fool’ and ‘The Wisewomen and the Wonder’. Plus new stories: ‘The Corn Fairy and the Gypsy’ ‘The Dead Moon’ ‘The Kaifeng Beggar Women’ ‘The Princess Knight’ ‘The Three Feminists’ ‘The Visit of Tiger Maid’ ‘The Wandering Gentlewomen’ and ‘Yuki Onna and the Woodcutter’s Daughter. ‘
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