Windswept by Magdalena Zschokke

cover of the book WindsweptWindswept by Magdalena Zschokke
Genre: Fiction
Copyright Year: 1996
Published: 1996
Publisher: New Victoria Publishers
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 192
No. In Series:
ISBN: 934678731
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Midwest Book Review Mara, Oliva and Zoe are all women committed to a life of sailing, but struggling to find their place in a world dominated by wealthy and powerful men. Each also brings a personal quest to her voyages: Mara seeks to create an identity, incorporating her newly discovered love for women; Zoe tries to balance her need for intimate connection with her love of casual affairs; and Olivia struggles to heal from a childhood of sexual abuse and make crucial decisions about her future. Through their growing friendships and love, they come to new understandings of themselves and their aspirations. Sailing the open oceans, sometimes together, sometimes apart, it is their letters, their dreams and their connection to the stars that keeps them going, moving toward a goal of an all-women crew. Windswept is a beautiful novel of women’s adventures on the high seas. Vivid descriptions of the glorious shining days and long, lonely nights aboard yachts sailing the open oceans highlight this debut novel by a gifted author.
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