Illuminations by Maureen Duffy

cover of the book IlluminationsIlluminations by Maureen Duffy
Genre: Fiction
Copyright Year: 1991
Published: 1992
Publisher: Sinclair-Stevenson, Limited
Format: Hardcover
No. of Pages: 250
No. In Series:
ISBN: 1856190617
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Hetty Dearden has taken early retirement after an unhappy affair with the male head of the histroy department at the college at which she lectured. She is asked to attend a conference in German, where the subject is to be Europe: Past and Present. Whilst researching, she comes across an intriguing letter from an eight-century nun, Tetta, who had also mde her way to Germany — in her case, in search of her aunt who had disappeared some ten years before, and to tkae up her new position as the head of a religious foundation in the untamed Europe of Charlemagne. There, she has immense influence not only within her own church and order but also at court. Hetty is drawn into a love affair with a yound German woman and, in her turn, is thus brought closer to the frightening underworld of political dissent in a Europe which has only recently begun to reject the codes and systems of the Cold War. Hetty’s adventures develop in parellel to those of her predessor, and past and present intertwine, throwing light upon each other. Themes range from female sexuality to politics, power and religion while the idea of Europe itself is woven into the dual plot.
Other Notes: copyright 1991
Author is Lesbian

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