Better Together by Pat Cronin

cover of the book Better TogetherBetter Together by Pat Cronin
Genre: Fiction
Copyright Year: 2014
Published: 2014
Publisher: Regal Crest
Format: Trade Paperback
Type: Electronic Format Available
No. of Pages: 210
No. In Series:
ISBN: 978-1619291546
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Mac Bradenton has never been south of the Mason Dixon Line or across a body of water wider than the Ohio River. But her best friend, Kristy, is sick and on a quest to complete her bucket list. First stop is Paris, France. Mac goes along expecting to enjoy the trip, never anticipating just how much her life will change. They meet up with Kristy’s friend, Lenie, who has promised to give them a guided tour of Paris and the three women form a tight bond that extends across the globe. Once home, life takes some major turns for Mac. As she struggles to deal with the challenges thrown at her, will everything fall apart? Or will she be able to lean on her friends knowing that, no matter what happens, they are all better together?
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