Leader of the Pack by Red Jordan Arobateau

cover of the book Leader of the PackLeader of the Pack by Red Jordan Arobateau
Genre: Fiction
Copyright Year: 1993
Published: 2000
Publisher: Red Jordan Arobateau
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 357
Series: Outlaw Chronicles
No. In Series: 2
ISBN: 970516118
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I was on my way somewhere. Wild horses couldn’t stop me. ‘ So begins LEADER OF THE PACK, #2 book in the series THE OUTLAW CHRONICLES by Master Artist Red Jordan Arobateau. Sometimes surrealistic, a tantalizing drama opens with a snapshot of a hero from the series, handsome Angel: ‘A young husband, blond Angel took care of their babies. Changed diapers. And at night they snuggled close and they ( XXX rated). As a teen, she had been more or less disgusted with life, with the world. Grown up in a square industrial city whose gay life was subterranean–it would not be until age 26 she’d have her first joy, with Pam. (Who she later looses in a tragic spill. ) She had lived too long a lone butch roaming a straight landscape of honky tonk bars, Mafia joints catering to freaks, whose star was a female impersonator on stage, while B-girls worked the audience. Real women, warm, naked shoulders, big breasts bouncing under satin; round hips in tight dresses, jangling jewelry. ‘ This, as the entire OUTLAW CHRONICLE series has plenty of sex. And a lot of chopper scenes: ‘The wind in her hair, knees wide, seated on her motorcycle, power throbbing between her legs; air gushing all over them in a bath. Ahead, silver rails and a cement highway plunge into the unknown. ‘ The action begins early: ‘FUCKING LEZZIE QUEER! FUCKING TRANSVESTITE BITCHES!’ Feels a shove; Crystal screams. Angel turns around swinging her fist. A man backs up & she misses, he stands, tall, bigger build, outweighing her by 100 pounds. An evil expression on his face. Angel jerks a knife out of its sheath at her side, and swings it back and forth in front of them. He backs off. — And Angel knows she’s got a gun to back up the knife. — ‘I should have shot him right there. ‘ The big blond exclaims. Soon Angel and her woman receive a visit from an Important Personage; the LEADER OF THE PACK and his/her wife. It’s George & Georgenia, the four go out to dinner and `Georgie’ spins tall tales about OUTLAW victories in gang battles of the past against homophobic men, and their rival gang those rotten dikes, The ARYAN AVENGERS. In this novel we take a close up look at OUTLAWS leader: ‘Daddy George had coal black eyes and coal black hair. A very large he-she; tall and wide also. Georgenia was a large white woman, — and fat. Near 6’2’ herself, and tipped the scales at 400 pounds. Had lots of jewelry, earrings; was a total fem. ‘ This book is about Daddy George/Georgenia’s personal lives, The Club, and it’s happenings. Soon comes the first glimpse of Oils the dike bikers hangout, where more sex ensues: ‘When they entered the Clubhouse it was dark night. Inside, the walls were painted black, which gave a dungeon like effect. Women, most of them bikers, many simple personalities; and vanilla. Others of a more complex strain. In back many gathered, watching a show. ‘ Descriptions of the immense bulldike and her wife; Queen Georgenia, their 15 room mansion: ‘The Mansion had a dungeon full of playtoys for SM (George had established this when she saw it was a way to empower dikes & herself) a sewing room with lacy curtains, a weight lifting room. Georgenia had control of the Master Bedroom where they slept. Her things were everywhere. Her sewing room was to one side, and also a huge walk-in closet–which was formerly a 2nd bedroom, –resplendent with 450 pairs of shoes– to rival Imelda Marcos Queen of the Philippines. Ribbons and bows; and rows, rows, rows, of spike heels, thigh-high boots, sandals and shoes with pointed toes. ‘ Descriptions of The Queen: ‘Georgenia was a huge woman equal to the size of George, plus very fat, outweighing her by 50 to 100 pounds depending on the state of her dieting which was perpetually in flux. ‘ There’s plenty in this book. This novel is purportedly about George, the Leader, but it’s also a narrative of the other gang members. Learn more about your favorite characters; all familiar to the reader from SATAN’S BEST #1 and THE BLACK BIKER #3 issued in 1997 by MASQUERADE, Inc. Hooker Debbie, the bulldike who pimps her– Rip, former Roller Derby Queen. Stryker–whose great idea it was for a Bikers Poetry Slam in TRANNY BIKER #8 now with a controversial idea for a most politically incorrect SM scene for Daddy George’s X rated Xmas party. Native American Indian Commancho and her showgirl wife Frosty, and many other biker couples the reader already knows. Arobateau takes on racial issues : ‘Daddy George took Saundra’s orange Afro’d head gingerly between her huge hands, pressed it against her broad chest, and blood that was on the woman face smeared the leather. — But Saundra wouldn’t be pacified. She was going to go home. — White bikers in the club might not have realized it, but the (race) riots had been right where she lived; and it was grating fiercely on her too. –And she was the same color the rioters were. — She got up to walk out alone, with shaky steps of her stiletto spike boots. ‘ They go on runs: ‘Their hair was full of oil from the bikes, and dirt from the road. It was a small run, not like the Memorial Day in summer, and half of the membership, –50 or so showed. — They’d do Harley Drag Races. It was awesome to see a dike biker go from zero to 80 MPH hour in 2. 5 seconds. Had a Tire Drag contest, on which a biker is dragged on a tire behind a cycle;–she eats a lot of dirt. A Slow Driving contest. A Weenie Bite. ‘ At their rest stop they horrify the Fairbrook Suburban Mall: ‘Like Huns come down from the North, sweeping over what remains of civilization, they had come– overturning garbage receptacles, pissing in the bushes, and making public displays of their lesbian sexuality. — Kissing and pulling up their tops and wiggling their tits at the straight women. ‘ RED JORDAN PRESS has republished all editions by MASQUERADE, which went out of print. Next comes OUTLAWS! #4. LEADER OF THE PACK illustrates quite a great variety of kinky & unusual sexual practices including some great Diaper Baby (Adult) scenes. But also many glimpses of their domestic life: ‘Georgenia rocked the behemoth peacefully asleep under the sheets. She was an immense woman, muscles; had done hard labor carrying steel in the yards of long-ago factories. Georgenia’s arched eyebrows were plucked, almost invisible without cosmetic pencil; her lipstick was wiped off. ‘ There are touching scenes of Queen G. & her boy-girl pal Selby: ‘Selby’s lean male body was draped over the bar. He wore female undies, pink, under his perfumed suit and lacy shirt. He was a polite sissy of a gentlemanly era. Angular, a male, but an indefensible quality that was so feminine that it transcended his sex. The dignity of a lady was how he carried himself. ‘I’ve lived a hard life & I must confess, I’ve been a mean woman. ‘ He was saying to his old friend Georgenia. ‘ Humorous & serious. Full of great dike biker action. Alive with dialogue interactions. A fast moving read. You will just love this wonderful novel, kinky sex scenes & all. Book Review provided by RED JORDAN PRESS 2005.
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