The Carousel by Stefani Deoul

cover of the book The CarouselThe Carousel by Stefani Deoul
Genre: Fiction
Copyright Year:
Published: 2010
Publisher: A & M Books
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 232
No. In Series:
ISBN: 9780964664890
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Review Can a rag-tag bunch of citizens who are hardly in touch with themselves, let alone with each other, ever come together? As this tale begins, there is little hope little hope in the lives of the townspeople and little hope in the woman who stops in the town because she is just too tired to drive any further. The woman is distraught, numb, barely coping. But when she sees the carousel horses in a junkyard, she knows she has to do something to bring them life. The restoration becomes a metaphor for the lives of the people who slowly find one other and come together to create something bigger than themselves. This story is written with few scene breaks, and many characters are given a point of view within single scenes, yet this seems to add to the revelatory nature of the tale. Every word carries the reader along as the woman, known to the townspeople only as the carousel lady, somehow brings healing and wholeness to others that she cannot seem to find for herself. But healing is a relative thing. For some it comes quickly and early. For others it comes late and long. The carousel lady seems to be carried along on the wave of healing and restoration as are the horses and townspeople, in spite of herself. The story is laced with characters that are both quirky and likeable. The mystery surrounding the carousel lady will keep the reader turning page after page, as will the desire to know if the town will succeed. This story, with its surprising lesbian twist, adds to the totality of the mystery itself. In the end, The Carousel is one of those stories that lingers long after the last page is turned a story of redemption and a journey to wholeness and one not to be missed. This tale is sure to find a special place in the reader’s heart. –Anna Furtado -Just About Write The Carousel Stefani Deoul (A&M Books) A stranger influences a small northeastern community when she inspires the townspeople to rebuild a carousel. A brilliant and unsettling mystery (with a lesbian twist) The Carousel introduces us to people we might normally ignore but soon grow fond of. An intense novel about friendship, love and heartache it s also inspirational and full of hope. [Kathi Isserman] September 2010 –Kathi Isserman, curve magazine It’s not only the story itself, of finding beauty and belonging in the places and people where one least expects it, that makes The Carousel linger in the reader s mind long after the last page is turned. It s the writing -the gorgeous, heartbreaking, lyrical writing. If I hadn t been so caught up in the story, I would have stopped again and again –just to reread the resonant, detailed, surprising, and beautiful paragraphs. — –Maribeth Fischer, author of The Life You Longed For Product Description Can they all be made whole? A bone-weary, emotionally drained woman shows up one morning at a diner and gas station in a small Northeast town. Intending to refuel on gas and coffee and just keep driving, she is drawn instead to a pile of discarded carousel horses at the junkyard next door. Her find begins a ripple of gossip, mystery, and a restorative journey for the horses, herself, and the curious collection of townspeople taking the tumultuous ride of hope, patience and a chance to grab the brass ring.
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