Work by Louisa May Alcott

cover of the book WorkWork by Louisa May Alcott
Genre: Fiction; Grier Rated
Copyright Year:
Published: 1994
Publisher: Penguin Classics
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 384
No. In Series:
ISBN: 9780140390919
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Whether one is reading them for the first time or re-reading old favorites, the titles in this series seem like old friends. Mature readers can revisit timeless treasures; young, struggling, or reluctant readers are given a format that helps them connect to the great body of American and world literature. In this story of a woman’s search for a meaningful life, Alcott moves outside the family setting of her best-known works. Originally published in 1872, Work is both an exploration of Alcott’s personal conflicts and a social critique, examining women’s independence, the moral significance of labor, and the goals to which a woman can aspire. Influenced by Transcendentalism and by the Women’s Rights movement, it affirms the possibility of a feminized utopian society.
Other Notes:
Grier Rating – B*** (3rd Edtion)

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