The Ballad And The Source by Rosamond Lehmann

cover of the book The Ballad And The SourceThe Ballad And The Source by Rosamond Lehmann
Genre: Fiction; Grier Rated
Copyright Year: 1945
Published: 1948
Publisher: Pocket Book
Format: Mass Market Paperback
No. of Pages: 343
No. In Series:
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Ten-year-old Rebecca is living in the country with her family when Sibyl Jardine, an enigmatic and powerful old woman, returns to her property in the neighborhood. The two families, once linked in the past, meet again, with the result that Rebecca becomes drawn into the strange complications of the old lady’s life–with her husband, her errant daughter, and her grandchildren. Through the spellbound eyes of the young Rebecca we enter into an intricate and scandalous family history and slowly the story of the passionate, stormy life of Mrs. Jardine unfolds
Other Notes: Pocket Book 536

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