The Seasons of a Heart by Constance O. Irvin

cover of the book The Seasons of a HeartThe Seasons of a Heart by Constance O. Irvin
Genre: Fiction; Romance
Copyright Year:
Published: 2005
Publisher: iUniverse
Format: Trade Paperback
No. of Pages: 152
No. In Series:
ISBN: 595354750
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In the poignant novel The Seasons of a Heart, the struggle for survival in a frozen wilderness awakens a forbidden love. A plane crash in the frozen wilderness of northern Wisconsin leaves only three survivors, and airline stewardess Diana Forrester must shoulder the heavy responsibility of caring for the two passengers-Urbano Rivera and Casey Morgan. Despite her warnings, Diana can only watch as Urbano and Casey leave the wreckage and trek through the snow and freezing temperatures in search of help. It’s not long before Casey returns-alone. Within a few days, the two women’s hope of rescue fades, and they struggle to survive. Back home, Diana’s father, Martin, refuses to give up hope. His love for his only daughter propels him to continue searching, even after the search is called off. But treachery and deceit by the airline owner thwarts him at every turn. As the days turn into weeks and then months, Diana and Casey realize that love and a sense of permanence can endure in a world lost in the wilderness. But can their love survive once they are found? Can Casey return to civilization and face the consequences of loving another woman?
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