A Haunting by Spirited Sapphire Publishing

cover of the book A HauntingA Haunting by Spirited Sapphire Publishing
Genre: Fiction; Speculative Fiction
Copyright Year: 2014
Published: 2014
Publisher: Spirited Sapphire Publishing
Format: Trade Paperback
Type: Electronic Format Available
No. of Pages: 196
Series: Dark Themes Series
No. In Series:
ISBN: 978-1500105495
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Lesbian Fiction: A Haunting – When the Past Seeks Revenge. In this lesbian fiction book, Reese finds herself the recipient of a sudden windfall, a result of her great grandfather’s passing and inheritance. Using the money to make her dream of living further out in the country a reality, Reese purchases an old home with a unique history in far upstate New York. She invites her best friends, two other lesbians, to meet her there for a week to celebrate, but almost immediately strange happenings in the house put a damper on the mood. What at first makes for a good laugh and story, quickly escalates into more and more hair-raising and unexplainable events, which leave the lesbian friends questioning the history of the house, as well as whether or not to stay. Reese throws a house warming party at the old house when even more, and this time more disturbing, events take place. People start inexplicably disappearing, and when her eccentric friend Jennifer conducts a Ouija board session, several of the participants experience the presence of a malevolent spirit. With the party guests gone, Reese and her friends go to investigate the still unexplained disappearance of some of the party goers, and that’s when things take a very ominous turn. Vengeful intentions intervene at every turn, and the lesbian friends attempt to flee for their lives. Their attempts to leave fail, and unable to escape the grip of an unseen malevolent spirit the women are thrown into a long and never-ending series of attempts to both find their missing friends, as well as escape the obviously haunted house with a sinister history alive. Find out what and who seeks revenge in this lesbian fiction house of horrors tale. Be sure to check out Spirited Sapphire Publishing full library of quality lesbian romance and lesbian fiction books available in both kindle and paperback format on Amazon.
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