A Bit of Fluff by Kimberly Kemp

cover of the book A Bit of FluffA Bit of Fluff by Kimberly Kemp
Genre: Pulp
Copyright Year: 1963
Published: 1963
Publisher: Midwood
Format: Mass Market Paperback
No. of Pages: 186
No. In Series:
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She was only SEVENTEEN but her body was already bought and paid for in full by another woman – a LESBIAN. From the back: Just Between Girls Penny stood in the shower, soaping herself carefully. The naked blonde who waited on the other side of the shower curtain had promised for a different kind of evening. Penny suspected what it would-be, and she was ready. She needed love, even if it were with another woman. She had waited too long to care. The story of a beautiful, young girl who learned what it meant to be ‘a bit of fluff.
Other Notes: Midwood F256 Grier rating of T

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