Hired Girl by Valerie Taylor

cover of the book Hired GirlHired Girl by Valerie Taylor
Genre: Pulp
Copyright Year:
Published: 1953
Publisher: Beacon
Format: Mass Market Paperback
No. of Pages:
No. In Series:
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Twila took love where she found it- any time- any place’ ‘He plucked strange fruit. . . ! So tender, so young, so willing – the girl on the lonely farm gave Walt Stryker everything he wanted. Or almost everything. For although no more than a hired hand, he was strong and handsome enough to awaken the repressed hungers in other country girls. And they, in turn, created new lusts in him. . . So Walt had a field day, choosing from the pick of the crop – while clouds of jealousy, greed and reckless anger gathered around him. Suddenly the storm broke. He found himself trapped by wild violence – and a woman’s passion!’ -Back cover
Other Notes: Beacon Book B-116 Set on a poor Midwestern farm, Hired Girl has no lesbian subject matter, but it does explore other controversial sexual and political themes. This book is listed and collected in Lesbian Pulp Fiction Collections. Also published as The Lusty Land Note that the same painting was used on a Harry Whittington paperback, “Cracker Girl,” published by Unibook also in 1953.
Author is Lesbian

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