Uncharted Places by Nora Johnson

Uncharted Places by Nora Johnson Genre: Fiction Copyright Year: Published: 1988 Publisher: Simon & Schuster Editor: Format: Hardcover Type: No. of Pages: 332 Series: No. In Series: ISBN: 9780671661366 Award(s): Buy from Amazon Goodreads Other Notes: Posted on Lesbianfunworld.com. All rights reserved. Content, summaries, reviews, images and product names including book titles, cover images, CD […]

Aquamarine by Carol Anshaw

Aquamarine by Carol Anshaw Genre: Award Winner; Fiction; Sports Copyright Year: 1992 Published: 1992 Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Editor: Format: Hardcover Type: Electronic Format Available No. of Pages: 197 Series: No. In Series: ISBN: 9780395585627 Award(s): Publishing Triangle’s 100 Best Lesbian and Gay Novels Buy from Amazon Goodreads Explores three hypothetical schemas that could have been […]